Welcome to Fastener Systems Inc. Since our inception our hallmark has been personalized service and quality products at exceptional prices. FSI is a leader in the fastener industry and is a national company with customers in all 50 states. Welcome to FSI, Inc.

Please contact sales@fastenersystems.com to learn more about what FSI can do for you.

At FSI we have a free full color catalog designed to be the most comprehensive and informative fastener and tool reference guide in the construction industry.
Fastener Systems has long been associated with knowledge and the ability to provide the right level of quality for a fair price and in a reliable fashion. Letís face it, in todayís world this alone would be enough to set us apart form the herd, but we donít stop there. An intimate knowledge of the industry we are involved with, gives us a huge leg up on other vendors.

Notice I didnít say competitors, at FSI we donít feel we have any competitors. No one does what we do in the fashion we do, and those that try canít compare. After all, where can you find as many unique items for a specific industry under one roof? Nowhere that we know of and our customers say the same.

Why else would customers call from Alaska to Florida, Hawaii to Maine, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guatemala to Saipan.  The reason is simple; we are the best at what we do and no place else has what we do, all under the same roof. The truth is, some of the items we carry in stock canít be found anywhere else on earth!

Have you every ordered several items from one supplier and been told they have everything in stock, only to find out they have it in stock at 3 or 4 separate branches, and materials show up days apart or worse yet back ordered? At FSI we let you know on the rare occasion we donít have it in stock and follow it through to make sure it arrives in the promised. The truth is not everyone can have everything all the time.

The difference is in the suppliersí ability to communicate with the customer and find a way to fulfill the customersí needs. FSI makes communication a key element in everything we do. We strive for ďno surprises.Ē

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